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"Let's Rocket!" - Astro Boy

In this official collaboration with Tezuka Productions, we were able to take our own creative license with an iconic character to create our bespoke Astro Boy clothing!

This handcrafted Astro Boy jacket showcases bold colors and a detailed original illustration by Ami Thompson, art director for Walt Disney Animation Studios, on the back.

This Japanese anime-inspired Astro Boy bomber jacket features Astro Boy patches and includes a one-of-a-kind Bibisama x Astro Boy orange jet tag. Showing your love for Mighty Atom has never been so stylish!

Available in White (cotton) or Black (nylon)

All our Astro Boy jackets and other clothing are made in-house. This Astro Boy bomber jacket alone demands roughly a 10 hour process per design! Because the embroidery is done in-house, we can accommodate any intricate design our director presents. We enjoy spending time creating unique cuts, embellishments, dyeing, printing, and more — all from scratch.

We pour countless hours into every stage of the creation to guarantee a high level of production quality. Learn more about us.

[Not Available in Asia]

- Cold Wash/ low tumble, Hang Dry
  • Designed in-house
  • No outsourcing, even for buttons or zippers
  • Fully produced in-house
  • Embroidery using a 15-color threading technique