Bibisama jackets are water-resistant for functionality that will keep you warm on chilly and drizzly days. They’re hand embroidered for a beautiful look that screams craftsmanship and style. Our embroidery process uses state-of-the-art techniques, and each piece takes about 12 hours to complete.

We make all of our Japanese streetwear jackets, sweaters, and hoodies ourselves from quality materials that are rigorously tested for comfort and durability. From the cotton types down to the zippers, we’ve selected only the best products to use in our anime bomber jackets and outerwear. These are trendy jackets you can be proud to show off every day.

Apparel for Anytime

Bibisama Japanese streetwear clothing and jackets will wrap you in soft cotton for a super comfortable fit. Our clothing line is casual and edgy, the perfect combo for wearing when you’re out with friends, chillin’ at home, or when you want to grab some attention with cool artwork and trendy styles. Our anime bomber jackets and outerwear are made to be a durable part of your outfit. Wear them out on the town with confidence in your fashion sense.

Why Bibisama?

Don’t settle for screenshot anime artwork that’s slapped onto cheap apparel. We collaborate with well known, official anime artists to create one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t find anywhere else. No attention to detail is missed with our hand-embroidery and complex screen printing processes. Our anime bomber jackets, outerwear, accessories, and t-shirts are crafted with Japanese streetwear styles for true fans of the Otaku culture.