Embroidered Streetwear Accessories

No where else will you find these uniquely crafted designs. Our artists take pride in their work and pay attention to every detail to make sure we nail the style of Otaku culture. You’ll love the look of our anime hats and streetwear accessories.

Each piece is hand embroidered and we use state of the art techniques that make the designs pop and come to life. 12 hours worth of effort on a single item makes our embroidered streetwear apparel a work of art for your wardrobe.

Premium Quality Apparel

To get the perfect fit, feel, and wear for our apparel, we’ve tested over 300 different types of cotton to find the best one. Everything from our streetwear accessories and clothing, right down to the zippers is made from scratch in our own manufacturing plants. Durable stitching, hand embroidery, and complex printing make our products high-quality and long-lasting.

Our Otaku Passion

Our feelings for anime go beyond affection; it’s our passion. We strive to bring kindred fans premium quality clothing to fit the style. Just like manga stories are filled with beautiful and original artwork, so too are our shirts, jackets, and anime hats. If you’re ready to merge your passion with your personal style, look no further than Bibisama.