Astro Boy x Bibisama

We are proud to announce our streetwear anime collaboration with Tezuka Productions! Bibisama customers can purchase exclusive Astro Boy streetwear with an original design and incredible handmade artistry.
We are grateful and honored to have worked with the Tezuka team, who gave us the creative freedom to design our own version of the iconic Astro Boy. We also want to thank Ami Thompson, art director for Walt Disney Animation Studios, for the amazing artwork featured on the back of the jacket.
To stay true to our focus on quality, a substantial amount of detail goes into every Astro Boy x Bibisama jacket. This causes longer production times, which makes supply for these jackets very limited.

Unmatched Quality from Bibisama

Our Astro Boy x Bibisama jackets are not outsourced or mass-produced. We control every aspect of production, down to the smallest details.

An amazing amount of artistry goes into each Astro Boy x Bibisama jacket, handmade by skilled craftsmen who’ve perfected their trade. At Bibisama, we source, cut, and make all the materials in-house, down to even the buttons and zippers.
This streetwear anime collab is no small thing. Our embroidery process alone demands a 15-color threading technique and over five million stitches!

We love what we do, and we pour our hearts into every stitch. We’re proud to showcase our Astro Boy streetwear collection, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! We create the hottest otaku clothing out there, and we love to see our styles out on the streets.

Shop The Astro Boy x Bibisama Collection While Supplies Last

For this Astro Boy x Bibisama streetwear anime collab, we are only able to ship within the United States and Canada. For all our orders over $50, we offer free shipping. Don’t miss out — order yours today!