Zodiac Bomber - Rat

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The rat is the first symbol in the Chinese zodiac and represents social success and intelligence. Featuring an intricate and unique 12-color embroidery design an interior pocket and custom lining, this Rat Zodiac bomber is the perfect Otaku street-wear that will dramatically change your wardrobe!

Model: jessu._

Artists: Inhouse Bibisama design

- Cold Wash/ low tumble, Hang Dry
  • Designed in-house
  • No outsourcing, even for buttons or zippers
  • Fully produced in-house
  • Embroidery using a 15-color threading technique

Customer Reviews

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Partner really enjoys the jacket! He can't wear it much because of the weather but when he is able to he absolutely adores it.

He loves all the pockets it has, especially the one inside his jacket, and the zipper pocket on the sleeve.

The design is also really nice, and the material feels great.