Convention Supplies Sweater

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Ah, conventions… 2020 just hasn’t been the same without you!!
COVID-19 has affected everyone on the planet, and the cancellation of cons has had a huge impact on us all. This nostalgic con-goer Japanese streetwear is sure to inspire everyone that is missing cons! As a bonus, this wool-knit sweater can double as a checklist for all the things you’ll need to bring with you the next time you head out to your favorite convention.

All our Sweaters are made in house. Our Embroidery is 15 color threading technique, is non-parallel complexity with over 5 Million stitches making this roughly a 10 hour process per design! Because the Embroidery is done in-house, we can accommodate any intricate design our director presents. We enjoy spending time creating unique cuts, embellishments, dyeing, printing, etc from scratch. Countless hours poured into every stage of the creation to guarantee a high level production. As you can see, outsourcing is NOT our thing and we control the quality and the manufacturing!
- 100% Cotton
- Cold Wash Only
- Do not Bleach