Sweaters / Overshirt

Show off sleek Japanese streetwear sweaters and hoodies from Bibisama

Our Japanese-inspired looks are one-of-a-kind. Bold Otaku styles, mythological demons, and retro anime art come alive in our original streetwear. Sweaters with spunk, cute anime jackets, and anime inspired hoodies are just some of the amazing looks you can find at Bibisama.

Our clothing features intricate hand embroidery, vivid machine printing, and original art from talented artists. Absolutely everything is made from scratch. You’ll find only insanely high quality at Bibisama, and that’s a promise. Stay warm in these daring Otaku styles!

Handmade & High Quality

Yeah, you can find cheap anime prints on t-shirts everywhere on the internet, but that’s not what we’re about here at Bibisama. Every product you see on our site, including our streetwear sweaters, is designed and produced with meticulous quality. Instead of outsourcing, we produce everything ourselves. Since we’re part of every part of the process, you can feel confident that your cute anime jackets are built to LAST.

Streetwear Sweaters & More at Bibisama

Our artisans pour passion and creativity into every unique piece at Bibisama. Beyond the anime-inspired hoodies shown here, be sure to check out our gorgeous accessories, gorgeous Otaku t shirts, and our one of a kind bomber jackets.

Bibisama serves hot, daring looks all around. Get out there with our streetwear and start turning heads!